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Buckhorn Resort Pet Policy We welcome you and your pets!  Please follow the guidelines below and be considerate of our other guests. Fee: $10 per night, $25 maximum per stay Other charges may apply in the case of damages/extra cleaning Only domestic pets such as a cat or a dog are allowed. Please notify staff that you intend to have a pet upon making your reservation and again at check-in.  Failure to notify staff of the pet will result in the additional pet fee added to your bill. Pets must be taken with you or be kenneled if you leave for the day.  Please do not leave your pet unattended if it may bark or cry in your absence.  In the event of complaints, additional fees may be charged or we may ask you to find other accommodations. Housekeeping will not enter your room if a pet is present.  Please place the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. Pets should never be allowed on the beds or furniture, even with covers provided by you. Please be sure to keep pets on a leash or in a carrier if they are outside the room. In consideration for other guests, please clean up after your pets and do not dispose of unused food or treats in the parking lot or in the grass or woods.  Please use trash can or dumpster. If your room/lodge requires excessive cleaning or if damages are incurred as a result of your pet’s actions, the motel will charge for additional service and repairs.
Pet Policy